Rohan Angadi


School Year: Sophomore

Major(s): Economics

Team: Genie

Languages: English, Hindi, and Kannada

Awards: IU School of Liberal Arts Dean's List, Fall 2018.

Hobbies: I love watching soccer (GGMU!), movies and TV shows. I love reading books and hanging out with my friends. I sound boring, but I promise I'm not.

Why I became a mentor: In my time as a mentee, I saw the importance of having mentors to guide new students. I personally benefitted a lot from the experience. I felt the need to share all the knowledge and experience I gained so I could make the life of other people easier. It's important for new international students to know that there's someone out there who has their back. I wanted to be that person.

Bio: I was born and brought up in India. I grew up primarily in Bangalore, in South India. I grew up speaking three languages and was always at the confluence of cultures. I have a brother seven years younger to me so in many ways, I know what it is to be a mentor (Please don't hold the way he turned out as a testament to my abilities as one). I came to the US to study what I wanted because I knew I would get a better education for what I wanted to learn. Growing up in a metro city like Bangalore, I was interacting with different cultures at almost every street corner. I hope I can continue doing that with IPMP!

Favorite spot on campus: Carrol Stadium. In the middle of the night. Or the Wood Fountain in the afternoon, for those less adventurous days.

A piece of advice to new Freshmen: DO THINGS. Go out. Make friends, talk, laugh, make memories. DO NOT shut yourself off. You close away opportunities to make MEMORIES you can't even imagine. Meet people, have FUN. I certainly did. The year's going to go by before you can even say "Campus Center". You'll thank me in 8 months.