Mostafa Abdulaleem


School Year: Senior

Major(s): Electrical Engineering

Team: Robin Hood

Languages: Arabic & English

Hobbies: Soccer, ping pong, driving

Why did you become a mentor: I became a mentor because I wanted to make international students know that they are supported and that they can get helped when they need it. I also wanted to share my experience as an international student to help other international students with their first year and make them have the best college experience.

Bio: I have been pretty involved on campus since I first started. I get very excited when I help new students and make them feel supported. I am very passionate about engineering and I am very excited to actually start working and make a difference.

Favorite spot on campus: I love the campus center and I would say it is my favorite spot on campus because of all the fun things I can do there. My favorite place in Indy is the canal.

Favorite thing about IUPUI: Finally, IPMP has been my favorite experience in my college experience and I am so excited I will be part of it this semester.