Global Jags Connect for IUPUI Students

Learn about American culture and share your own with Global Jags Connect

All IUPUI international students can sign-up to be matched with a diverse individual that can be a local alumni, faculty, staff, or community member!  

students and alumniWhat will I do with my "Community Connection"?

Your Community Connection will introduce you to life in Indianapolis. This could include going to sporting events, festivals, museums, and so on. Your host may invite you to their home for a meal, and introduce you to their traditions. Each connection will be different, and will decide to do different things.

Your Community Connection will also want to learn about your home country culture, traditions and lifestyle.

Community Connections and students are encouraged to meet up at least once each month.

Do I live with my Community Connection?

No, a Community Connection is not the same as a homestay family. You will see your Community Connection about once or twice each month.

How long do I stay matched with my Community Connection?

IUPUI Community Connections and student matches last for 4-5 months. After that, students and Community Connections may continue to contact each other if they wish to do so. Or, they can sign up for a new student or community match.

What are the benefits of being in Global Jags Connect?

  • Gain a support system here in the U.S.
  • Increase your English language skills
  • Learn about American culture and meet “Hoosiers” (people from Indiana)
  • Network internationally

How do I join?

Joining Global Jags Connect is a simple two-step process!

  1. Fill out the Global Jags Connect sign up form at the button below
  2. Enter your name on the bottom of the application to sign the Waiver of Liability Form!
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