Windstar is a computer software program that helps non-residents to complete their taxes

The Office of International Affairs has arranged for IUPUI international students, scholars and their dependents to use Windstar Foreign National Tax Resource to complete tax returns on-line and print them for filing with the Internal Revenue Service. To use Windstar, you will enter from the iStart portal.

Using this software, you will answer questions and provide data concerning your individual tax situation to complete the IRS forms 8843 and 1040NR-EZ or 1040NR. The software will also factor in allowances for tax treaties. Once completed, the tax forms can be printed and are ready to send to the IRS.

  • New to Windstar but forgot Your IUPUI Network ID, Password, or E-mail Address?

    Students: If you have forgotten your Network ID or password, you will need to visit the Help Desk at IT 129. Take your Student ID with you. If you have never activated your IUPUI email, the following website will help you.

    Scholars: Your IUPUI email account is requested for you by your department. Ask the technology support person in your department for assistance with that and the network ID and password.

    Dependents: If you have a dependent nonimmigrant status (such as F-2 or J-2) and are not eligible for an IUPUI Network ID and Password (because you are not an IUPUI student, scholar, or employee), please contact our office at and we will provide you with an access number.

  • Returning to Windstar

    If you have used Windstar in the past you want to try to remember your previous username and password. If you forgot your password go to the link that says "forgot password." Your username is whatever you used in the past. If you remember your password, copy the access code from the istart Windstar portal. You will use it on the right side to re-activate your account.

  • Tax Resident or Nonresident?

    The Windstar tax software will only assist you if you are a Nonresident for tax purposes. See our Tax Resident or Nonresident page to help you determine if you are a Nonresident or Resident for tax purposes.

  • Tax Documents

    You will need your passport, your nonimmigrant visa (stamped in passport), and any IRS form W-2 or 1042-S forms you received from IUPUI or other employer during 2015 to properly complete the Windstar program.

    You should also have any form 1099 that you received and check routing information — your checkbook or an unused check.

    You should have received a W-2 form if tax was withheld from your wages. If you had income and tax was not withheld — for instance, if you were eligible for a tax treaty benefit or had a scholarship or fellowship, you should have received a form 1042-S.

    It is possible to have received both a W-2 and a 1042-S. 1042-S forms were mailed out in early February. If you have not received a W-2 or 1042-S and believe you should have, contact FMS at Please provide them with your name and university id number and your current address.

  • Starting the Process…

    1.       The first step in using Windstar is to log on to iStart.

               Go to iStart. On the left side, middle of the screen click on the login button. Enter your username and password. As long as you have activated your IUPUI exchange account you should be able to continue.

    2.     Click the "+" sign next to "Insurance and Finances."

    3.     Select "Windstar Foreign National Tax Resource."

    4.     You will open up a Windstar Foreign National Tax Resource information sheet. Copy the access code  37JUWLFYQ8ZP noted on the form.

    5.    Click on the internet link This will take you to the registration portal.

    6.    If you used the Windstar Foreign National Tax software last year, you are going to have to click the line on the right that says, "Did your access code change? Click here to reactivate your account." Your access code is 37JUWLFYQ8ZP from the prior information sheet.  After you complete this, it will return you to the login screen.  You must remember your username and password from last year or click on “Forgot your password?” or “Forgot your username?”

    7.     If you have never used this software program (this is your first time) then you will register at the top link on the right indicated "new users?"

    8.     You will fill out the registration form. You can use a different username and password than the one you use for your IUPUI e-mail account. This will only be a Windstar Account. Your access code is37JUWLFYQ8ZP from the prior information sheet.

    9.    Now you are ready to log in. You must check that you have read and agree to the Terms of use.

    10.  Once inside the program click on the upper right box "Prepare Tax Return 2015.”

    11.  In the future if you return again to the Windstar program you will no longer need to complete the registration form you can just use your user id and password (left-side of login page).

    12. Please note you must have data before beginning the program, i.e. reports of U.S. income. Please see above. If you used Windstar in the past, some of the fields are already completed based on the previous year’s data.  If you are in a new visa situation or would like to start over with new data, do not ask to import it when you are prompted.

Please note that the Foreign National Tax Resource service is not hosted by Indiana University or on IU servers and has not been developed by Indiana University. By clicking on the link above, you will be taken directly to the FNTR webpage which is supported by Windstar Technologies (A Thomson Reuters Business).

Please note that Windstar will enable you to complete your federal tax returns. You will still need to complete your Indiana state tax returns using paper forms available online. You will complete IT-40PNR using Schedules: A, B, C, D & E, and CT-40PNR. Information on completing the forms is found in the IT-40PNR Booklet.