Information for Admitted Students

Getting Started at IUPUI

Congratulations on your admission to IUPUI.  This website will serve as an important resource to help you plan your Fall 2020 enrollment.  Consult this page frequently for the latest information for admitted international students.

IUPUI will continue to monitor state and federal guidelines to make the best determination for the safety of our students, faculty, and staff. For the latest operational updates applicable to all students, also visit the university’s Fall 2020 website, and check out the updates to the university academic calendar.

Important Notes

  • The changes below are only for the Fall 2020 semester (starting in August).
  • The Admission and I-20 sections apply to all students.
  • The Enrollment Options section applies to first-year freshmen and transfer undergraduate students.
  • The Defer to a Future Semester section only applies to first-year freshman students and transfer students.
  • Graduate students should contact their graduate program with any questions related to COVID-19 adjustments including any requests to defer to a future semester.

Admission and Form I-20 Documents (All Students)

Because of the COVID-19 emergency, we are now providing admission and Form I-20 documents to admitted students by secure download from Atlas and are no longer shipping hard copy admission and Form I-20 documents.

If you have been admitted but have not yet received your Form I-20 from IUPUI, it will be available for you to access and download in Atlas. According to Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) guidance, electronically signed versions of the Form I-20 are permitted for use during the COVID-19 emergency and will remain valid until students have a need for an updated I-20.

If you have already received hard copies of your admission and Form I-20 documents, you may use them to proceed with your visa application when visa interview appointments are available, unless we notify you that attending IUPUI for in-person study is not available for your semester of admission.


Undergraduate Enrollment Options 

First-year freshman and transfer students have three enrollment options to consider.

Attend classes in Indianapolis with a mix of in-person and online instruction in August (First-Year Freshman and Transfer Students)

IUPUI will offer a mix of in-person and online in-person classes starting this August. It will involve extensive use of online technology while maintaining the most important elements in-person study to prioritize your health, safety, and educational experience. If you are currently in the U.S. or have the ability to receive a visa and travel to Indianapolis, we will be happy to welcome you to our campus to study. Extensive public health actions will be taken by IUPUI including social distancing measures in classrooms, residence halls, and dining facilities to provide students with a safe environment. High quality online instruction will be conducted by IUPUI faculty using state of the art technology and platforms.

If you are interested in attending IUPUI in Indianapolis in a mix of in-person and online instruction, submit the Intent to Enroll eform in the Pre-Arrival checklist in Atlas.

If you are unable to travel to the United States, then your housing deposit will be refunded, and your housing application will be deferred to the next available term.

Start at IUPUI 100% online from your home country in August 

First-Year Freshman Students

If you are not able to join us in Indianapolis in August, you have the choice to begin your degree program this Fall by enrolling full-time from your home county in 100% online courses.  Online education is well-established at IUPUI and we have over 30 years of experience delivering high-quality online classes to students.

IUPUI faculty are preparing an exceptional quality and authentic IUPUI online experience for international students that builds on our best traditional in-person classroom instruction. When you begin your IUPUI experience online this fall, you will be joining a supportive online community of students and scholars, including the opportunity for personalized interactions with faculty and virtual student events outside of the “classroom.”

If online enrollment from your home country is the best choice for you this fall, please submit the Intent to Enroll eform in the Pre-Arrival checklist in Atlas.

Transfer Students

If you are unable to travel to Indianapolis this August, IUPUI will work individually with you to determine your ability to study 100% online from your home country. This may not be possible for every transfer student as availability for online study is based on your individual academic program as well as the transfer credit evaluation performed by IUPUI. Review and follow the transfer credit process and make sure to send your transcripts to the Office of International Affairs (OIA) as soon as possible. OIA will coordinate with the academic advisor in your program of study to determine online options for you and contact you by email.

If 100% online enrollment is the best choice for you this fall, please submit the Intent to Enroll eform in the Pre-Arrival checklist in Atlas.   

Defer to Future Semester (First-Year Freshman and Transfer Students)

We understand that study in Indianapolis or 100% online enrollment from your home country may not be possible or your preferred choice in August. You may choose to defer your admission to IUPUI to Spring 2021 and keep any scholarship awards you received. If you choose to defer your admission, IUPUI will make every effort to support you through the process and will be happy to help you target a future semester to join us on campus.  If you feel that deferring your admission is the best choice for you, please update your Desired Start Date online.


Graduate Enrollment Options

Graduate students may have the option to attend classes in Indianapolis with a mixture of in-person/online instruction or as a second option, to study 100% online from their home country. Students should first consult their graduate program for information regarding what enrollment options will be available for Fall 2020 for their specific program.

If these two study options are not available through your program or you feel these may not the best options for you at this time, OIA will work closely with you and your graduate program to update your admission and immigration documents should you need to defer to a future term.

Frequently Asked Questions: Freshman Students

  • Can I get a refund on my housing application/deposit?

    You may request to cancel your housing contract, without a penalty, if you are unable to receive a visa, arrive on campus and enroll. The housing application fee can be applied to your Spring 2021 housing application.

  • Can I take 100% online classes from my home country this fall if I can’t travel to Indianapolis

    Yes, you may enroll in online classes this fall if you can’t travel to Indianapolis.

  • Does my scholarship apply to online study at IUPUI from my home country?

    Yes, your scholarships may be used for both online study from home as well as study in a mix of in-person and online study in Indianapolis.

  • Will I keep my scholarship if I defer to Spring 2021?

    Yes, IUPUI will allow you to defer your admission and scholarship to Spring 2021.

  • I’ve been admitted to the Honors College. Am I able to keep my Honors College scholarship if defer to Spring 2021? Can I still be an Honors student if I take online courses from my home country?

    Yes, you will be able to use your scholarship to enroll in 100% online classes from your home country in the fall or defer your scholarship to Spring 2021. You will be considered an Honors student if you take online classes in the fall. The Honors College will advise you one-on-one when selecting your fall courses. 

  • Can I attend IUPUI in the fall if I am already in the United States?

    Yes, if you are currently in the United States you may attend classes in Indianapolis with a mix of in-person and online instruction in the fall.

Frequently Asked Questions: Graduate Students

  • Can I study 100% online from my home country in the Fall for my program?

    Graduate students will need to contact their programs and discuss options for Fall 2020 enrollment. Your department will help guide you to available options and will work with OIA to provide the most up-to date advice.

  • What if I start in the Fall online, how will I get an updated I-20?

    Once you have confirmed with your program that a 100% online option is available, your department will work with OIA directly to update your I-20, and we will reissue it in Atlas for the next available term.

  • How do I defer my application, admissions, and I-20 to a future term?

    You will need to contact your program and discuss your options with them. Once a decision has been made, your department will submit a request to OIA and we will begin updating your file accordingly. OIA will update your I-20 based upon this decision and reissue it in Atlas for the next available term. You will need to monitor your email closely for updates.