Non-Degree Exchange Student Spring Arrival Information

It is very important to check both your admission letter (and materials) and your  DS-2019 for your arrival dates.


You must plan to arrive in Indianapolis and participate in the schedule below:

Arrive in Indianapolis by: January 12, 2021
Mandatory Immigration Meeting: Online Orientation in Canvas
English for Academic Purposes (EAP) testing: TBD
Various workshops and social activities January 13-15 2021
First Day of semester January 19. 2021

We have included additional information on specific topics for you below. If you have additional questions, please contact us at

  • Placement Assessments

    Placement assessments are surveys that measure your current skills in a subject area and provide score ranges. These score ranges help academic advisors place you into courses in that subject area where you will be most successful. At IUPUI, students might take placement exams in English and mathematics. If you plan to earn a degree in science, technology, engineering, or math; you may also need to take the Chemistry assessment.

    You must take your placement exams before your academic advisor can give you complete course selection information.  Please review your Admission letter to see which assessments you are required to take. 

    See more information about individual placement assessments

    A $52 placement test fee will be charged to your Bursar bill. This fee includes all placement tests (EAP, Math Skills Assessment, foreign language) that you may need to take. Bring a photo ID when you take the EAP exam.

  • English for Academic Purposes, or EAP, Assessment

    All undergraduates are required to complete English W131 as a condition of graduation. The EAP exam tests your ability in academic English and determines if you should be placed into additional academic English courses in order to complete English W131 successfully.   Learn more about IUPUI'S EAP department.

    See more detailed EAP assessment information »

  • Math Assessment

    Most undergraduate students must take this placement exam before they can register for a math class at IUPUI. The math placement exam used at IUPUI is called ALEKS (Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces). You begin this assessment from home (as long as you have internet) and can improve your placement by completing the review modules within the program. 

    ALEKS allows students to take the placement first (be rested and studied) and then assigns each students review modules tailored to your skill level. Students can then work through the review modules and re-take the assessment. 

    Once you arrive on campus, you will be assigned a time to take a proctored ALEKS assessment. Essentially, you will take the same ALEKS placement you have been working on at home, but in a computer lab on campus. Your academic advisor will then use your proctored ALEKS score and your desired field of study to select the math course that will meet your needs at IUPUI. 

    See more detailed math placement assessment information »

  • Chemistry Assessment

    The Chemistry Placement Assessment is an open-book, 45-minute, 40 multiple choice online tool to evaluate readiness to begin the main science major sequence, Chemistry C105-C106. Generally, students planning to earn degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics should plan to take CHEM C105.

    During this assessment, you cannot receive assistance from any person during the assessment to ensure accuracy of the placement process. The assessment can be taken on any computer with reliable internet access, but mobile devices or pads are not suitable for testing. You must use a valid IU username to enroll in the placement assessment and you will only be allowed one attempt at the assessment.

    See more detailed chemistry assessment information »

  • Technology

    IUPUI uses different software programs for different purposes. As a newly admitted student, it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the software you will come in contact with regularly. We have provided extensive resources for IUPUI Technology for your review here

    In order to be prepared for International Welcome, please be sure to complete the following steps:

    1. Set up your IUPUI Technology Account
    2. Complete your Pre-Arrival checklist located in your iStart account.
    3. Register your DUO device (see your Pre-Arrival Checklist for complete instructions).
    4. Open the Canvas app in at least once prior to coming to IUPUI.