Ahmad Al Taher


Energy Engineering 
Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Home: Palestine/UAE

School Year: Junior

Graduating: 2021

Favorite Spot on Campus: Campus Center - Game Room

Who “took care of you” and showed you around when you first arrived?
I was part of the International Peer Mentor Program, where I met many of my current friends and had a wonderful mentor, Nora. She introduced me to the campus and what it has to offer. I immediately felt at home due to this program.

What campus resources have you used that have contributed to your experience on campus?
There are many career services on campus that helped me find the field I am most interested in as well as pushing me to find my true potential. The Career Services Center has opened my eyes to many opportunities and how I can land one of those illustrious jobs. They offer a multitude of services including resume checks, mock interviews and career fairs. All of which assist students to become more polished and better prepared for life after graduation.