Youssef Abdelshahid


Mechanical Engineering Technology
Purdue School of Engineering & Technology

Graduated: Summer 2016

What graduate studies or employment opportunities have you pursued after graduation?
After graduation, I finished my master’s degree in Engineering Management from Northeastern University in Boston. I now live in Los Angeles where I work as a project engineer for a company that makes simulation cockpits for helicopters and jets.

Did you complete any internships or OPT before/after graduation? If so, what steps did you take to find such opportunities? 
I’m currently on OPT. I had 2 internships while at IUPUI, one with Schlumberger in Egypt and the other with General Cable in Indianapolis. I got the General Cable internship by applying and interviewing with them when they were recruiting on campus. I would definitely advise students to pursue at least 2 internships before graduating and keep their minds open about the fields they want to work in. I never thought I would work in the cable industry but that internship was a great learning opportunity and I really enjoyed working there.


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