Tania Gurdasani


Marketing, Supply Chain Management, & International Studies
Indiana University Kelley School of Business

Why did you decide to study at IUPUI?
I decided to study at IUPUI majorly because of the reputation of the Kelley School of Business. I wanted to pursue a degree in Marketing and when I heard about the degree plan and about I-Core, I knew it was a right fit.

How has IUPUI helped you to reach your career goals?
Kelley conducts career fairs and even hosts interviews on campus regularly. I can get my resume approved by the Office of Student Employment so that I know that I’m presenting the best version of myself to potential employers. IUPUI Jag Jobs also has a variety of job opportunities. In fact, I applied for the internship I will be doing this summer through Jag Jobs.

How have you gotten involved on campus at IUPUI?
I participated in Speech Night during my sophomore year and my professor was an exceptional coach. I won first place and that night is one of my most treasured memories at IUPUI.