Mostafa Abdulaleem


Electrical Engineering
Purdue School of Engineering & Technology

Why did you decide to study at IUPUI?
I have an uncle that lives in the state, so I decided to look for the best engineering schools in Indiana. I came across Purdue, however I’m from the city and I wanted to live in the city for school. So I decided to come here to IUPUI for the engineering program and its location.

How has IUPUI Community helped you reach your goals?
My first goal when I got here was to a get a really good GPA and thanks to many of the campus resources available and with the help of many of the professors I was able to achieve that. Secondly I wanted to make a lot of friends and become more involved. IUPUI really helped me out with getting to know everyone with the many organizations and events that they offer.

What is the best way to make friends on and off campus?
For me, being in the International Peer Mentor Program (IPMP) was one of the best ways to make friends on campus. I’ve met a lot of different people from a lot of different places which is awesome. I also met a lot of people from being involved in the Muslim Student Organization as well as the Egyptian Student Organization. I would highly recommend getting involved on campus because it’s so much fun and you can meet a lot of new people.