Ayo Otun


Purdue School of Science

Why did you decide to study at IUPUI?
I decided to study at IUPUI because of the diversity here.  IUPUI has a rich community of students from a variety of countries, cultures, and backgrounds. It is also an urban campus surrounded by a lot of companies that are sites for internships and many other opportunities.

Why do you like being a student at IUPUI?
I like the sense of belonging. As I walk through the buildings and hallways, I can tell that this is my school because of the support I have gotten from students, faculty, and staff.  There's also a variety of programs that I have participated in that make me feel welcome here.

How has IUPUI helped you reach your career goals?
I want to become a neurosurgeon and researcher in neurobiology.  At IUPUI, I have been able to complete all the prerequisits to apply to medical school. I've also had opportunities to explore both careers through research, internships, and job shadowing.  I actually discovered my passion for research through my involvement in research programs at IUPUI.

What are you doing after graduation?
I am starting medical school at Washington University in St. Louis.