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IUPUI Office of International Affairs
902 W. New York St.,
ES 2126
Indianapolis, IN 46202 USA
Phone: (317) 274-7000
Fax: (317) 278-2213

Front Desk Hours
Monday - Friday,
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

International Peer Mentoring Program

Scholarship Program Description

The International Peer Mentoring Program (IPMP) is a team of undergraduate students who assist the Office of International Affairs in serving newly admitted undergraduate international students at IUPUI. IPMP mentors receive a scholarship for their service to the international student community.

IPMP Scholarship Requirements

  • Must be a current undergraduate student at IUPUI with at least one academic year of study remaining.
  • Must have successfully completed at least 12 credit hours at IUPUI prior to the start of Spring 2014.
  • Must have a cumulative and semester GPA of 2.800 or higher.
  • Must be in good standing with the university and have no record of disciplinary action.
  • Possess positive communication and teamwork skills.
  • Be reliable and have strong personal initiative.
  • Be able to interact effectively and patiently with people from diverse cultures with varying levels of English proficiency.
  • Have a strong desire to serve.
  • Must be present in Indianapolis during the months of August and January, as well as the entire Fall and Spring semesters.

General Responsibilities

  • Be approachable and available to meet the needs of new international students throughout their arrival period and their first academic year.
  • Mentor new international students through their adjustment to U.S. culture and education.
  • Be a resource person, making sure each student knows of the support services available to them on campus.
  • Guide new students on their road to being an involved and successful member of the IUPUI community.
  • Be reliable and responsible in meeting your mentoring duties, including attendance at meetings, submission of required reports, and timely arrival for assigned duties.

Specific Duties

  • Attend a 3-day IPMP training on May 11-13, at Bradford Woods. This is overnight.
  • Attend biweekly IPMP meetings and monthly Coffee Hours on Friday afternoons, 2:45 - 4:00.
  • Expect to spend approximately 5 hours per week on average on IPMP related duties.
  • Serve on a 3-member team to provide direct peer mentoring to an assigned group of incoming students.
  • With other mentors, develop and present Coffee Hours to the international population.
  • Submit a Service Hours Report and a Team Report on a monthly basis.
  • Serve in one of six Responsibility Areas:
    1. Orientation Assistants — provide assistance before and during the International Student Orientation Program for both the Fall and Spring semesters. Help supervise and train volunteers, participate in workshops, and assist with logistics.
      • Must be fully available for training on 8/1/2014, and during the Fall Orientation week of 8/11 - 8/15. Must also be available for Spring 2015 Orientation training on 12/19/2014, and for Orientation Week which is 1/5 - 1/9/2015.
    2. Welcome Assistants — Communicate with students admitted for both Fall and Spring semesters before they arrive about transportation and housing, and answer other general questions. Upon arrival, lead shopping trips and assist with move-in and issues with getting settled.
      • Must be present in Indianapolis 7/28/2014 - 8/18/2014 and 12/26/2014 - 1/10/2015 and available for approximately 10 hours/week during those time periods.
    3. Outreach Assistants — Serve as a resource to newly admitted students who are still abroad. Ambassadors contact students by phone after admission to answer general questions, offer guidance and assistance, and encourage students to choose IUPUI. Mentors who speak Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Arabic or Hindi will be preferred.
      • Must be in Indianapolis during the week of 5/12/2014 for Outreach Assistant Training. Students present in Indianapolis over the summer are preferred.
    4. International Bridge and First Year Seminar Mentors — Assist with the early arrival of freshmen participating in the International Bridge Program during August 2014. Serve as an in-class mentor during the 2-week bridge program, and then continue into the Fall semester mentoring in a First Year Seminar Course (once a week) with the same students. Bridge mentors receive an additional scholarship subsidy because this area requires more hours than other responsibility areas. Second-year IPMP Mentors or former O-Team FYS mentors are preferred for this position. Also, mentors who will remain in Indianapolis over the summer are preferred.
      • Must be available for training on July 29, 1:00 - 5:00; August 1, 1:00 - 5:00; and August 4, 9:00am - 4:00pm.
      • Must be available full-time from 8/6/2014 - 8/22/2014 for the two-week Bridge. FYS class times are to be determined later.
    5. International Bridge Floating Mentor— Service as a "floating" mentor during the two-week International Bridge Program to assist as needed with any Bridge section. Substitute for other Bridge Mentors as needed. Floating mentors do not continue into the Fall semester as a First Year Seminar mentor. All responsibilities are completed during the two-week Bridge period. Second-year mentors are preferred for this position.
      • Must be available for training on July 29, 1:00 - 5:00; August 1, 1:00 - 5:00; and August 4, 9:00am - 4:00pm.
      • Must be available full-time from 8/6/2014 - 8/22/2014.
    6. Engineering and Technology (ET) Assistants — Provide an additional level of mentoring for international students who are admitted to the School of Engineering and Technology. Work closely with ET staff to share knowledge, insight, and guidance to first year engineering and technology students regarding tips for success, resources, and available opportunities specific to students studying within the School of Engineering and Technology. ET Assistants should be prepared to carry out these tasks both informally and through more formal means such as through a leadership role in the Engineering Technology Worldwide Club (ETWC) as well as through seminars and/or one on one mentoring and tutoring sessions when appropriate. ET Assistants must also be willing to connect with engineering and technology students prior to their arrival to IUPUI. Preference will be given to ET students who have been previously involved in ET student organizations and activities.
      • Must be present in Indianapolis during the International Student Orientation Programs for both Fall 2014 (8/11 - 8/15) and Spring 2015 (1/5 - 1/9).
      • Must be willing to spend a designated two hours per week each Fall and Spring semester in the E&T Office of Student Services.
  • For each semester of participation, mentors must enroll in one of the following 1- credit courses (tuition-free):
    • UCOL-U 201 — Introduction to Mentoring
    • UCOL-U 202 — Mentoring: Collaborative Learning
    • UCOL-U 203 — Mentoring: Leadership & Transition
    • UCOL-U 204 — Mentoring: Independent Study

    Course grade is based 60% on performance in the course, and 40% on performance in mentoring duties.

Benefits of Serving as an IPMP Mentor

  • Receive a scholarship of $1700 per academic year ($850/semester).
  • Develop friendships with students from around the world.
  • Improve cross-cultural communication skills.
  • Connect with the IUPUI campus.
  • Gain leadership experience and develop interpersonal communication skills.
  • Have a unique and impressive experience to add to your résumé.
  • Enjoy the satisfaction of using your skills to help others.

Applications and Interviews

The application form is online at IPMP 2014 Application Form. The deadline for applying is Monday, March 3,

Applicants are expected to attend a group interview and information session at one of these times:

  • Friday, March 7th, 1pm - 4pm
  • Saturday, March 8th, 1pm - 4pm

All students selected for a scholarship are expected to attend a 3-day, overnight training at Bradford Woods on May 11, 12 and 13, 2014. Students not attending the entire training are not eligible for the scholarship program.

Questions? Please contact the Office of International Affairs at or call 317-274-7000. Our office is located in ES 2126.