IUPUI’s partnership with Sun Yat-sen University in China engages many IUPUI schools and units to enrich both campuses.

Located in Guangzhou, Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU) is a top-ten Chinese University with strong academic programs such as science, engineering, business, and more.  Many IUPUI schools collaborate with SYSU through activities including:

  • 2+2 dual degree programs where SYSU students study for two years in China and two years at IUPUI. (Six degree types available including business, engineering, computer science, informatics, public affairs, and actuarial science.)
  • Research partnerships for faculty, residents, and students
  • Study abroad exchange programs

Since 2013, senior leaders from IUPUI and SYSU participate in Cooperative Development Committee meetings every year to guide partnership activities.

Growing engagement with China

Many IUPUI schools partner with institutions in China, found in the Registry of Partnership Agreements. Additionally, the Office of International Affairs supports the presence of more than 400 students and 200 scholars from China on campus every year. 

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The Confucius Institute in Indianapolis

The Confucius Institute in Indianapolis formed in 2007 as a result of the partnership and continues to facilitate collaboration with SYSU and Chinese partners. The Confucius Institute of Indianapolis promotes the teaching of Chinese language and culture in central Indiana and strives to create mutual understanding between China and the United States.

IU China Office

Indiana University has an office in Beijing, China, as part of the IU Global Gateway Network. The gateway offices support scholarly research and teaching, conferences and workshops, study abroad programs, distance learning initiatives, executive and corporate programs, and alumni events.

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Recent China News at IUPUI

  • The Confucius Institute is Making an Impact

    a giant panda float from the 500 Festival paradeThe Confucius Institute of Indianapolis is making a difference in both the U.S. and China

  • Student Affairs Administrators Present at SYSU

    sysu logoIUPUI administrators and leaders visited Sun Yat-Sen University in December 2015 to both learn from and assist student affairs personnel at SYSU.

  • Cultural Exchange Builds Bridges between IUPUI and SYSU

    musicians playing at sun yat-sen universitySeven IUPUI musicians and faculty members from the School of Engineering and Technology were a cultural hit in Guangzhou, China, during a series of concerts and events at Sun Yat-sen University.

  • Ancient Links between China and Africa Explored

    Researchers at the Conference: China's Ancient Links to AfricaWith funding from the Confucius Institute Headquarters Division of Sinology and China Studies, Dr Ian McIntosh, Director of International Partnerships at IUPUI hosted the international conference, "Exploring China's Ancient Links to Africa" in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on October 29-31. Some of the world's leading archaeologists in this field were in attendance.