Rachel Surridge


School Year:  Sophomore..ish? It's complicated. Don't worry about it.

Major(s): Biomedical Engineering

Team: Apollo

Country: US and UK

Languages: English and German (hmu if bad grammar and multi-regional accents are your thing)

Hobbies: longboarding (cuz I'm not cool enough to skateboard), slacklining, portrait art (mostly graphite and charcoal - if you ask me to draw you I'll probably say yes), fiction writing

Why did you become a mentor: My dad is a first gen immigrant and he had some stupid crazy experiences when he first came to the US. I admire the courage it takes to leave home and come over here for school, and I wanted to help make that transition easier for our students, because nobody deserves a bad experience their first time in a foreign country, especially one they'll call home for the next four years.

Bio: I'm 19 years old. I'm an artist trapped in an engineering program that I accidentally fell in love with. I'm the kind of nerdy that you don't want to get anywhere near because I get way too excited about op-amps and coding and don't know when to stop talking.I drive a 2004 minivan with almost 200k miles on it that is about to go out in a glorious fireball because at least eighteen parts need to be replaced and each one of them costs more than the whole car is worth. I'm living at Riverwalk with @deirdrekelley1 next year, so stop by for tea or a study partner, or catch me slacklining by Taylor Hall.

Favorite spot on campus: The library in the medical school.

The best-kept secret about IUPUI: We aren't a flagship campus, so opportunities in internships and research are easier to get as undergraduate students, but Indianapolis businesses still take us seriously enough to recruit IUPUI students for internships and jobs. That's a pretty sweet spot to be in!