JeongIn Lee

Republic of Korea

School Year: Junior

Major(s): Nursing 

Team: Black Panther

Languages: English and Korean

Awards: Academic Achievement &  Dean's List 

Hobbies: swimming, dancing, watching k-drama and movies, traveling!

Bio: I was born in South Korea but moved and spent my childhood years in Berkeley, California. I then moved back to South Korea for middle and high school. After graduating from high school I decided to come back to the United States to pursue a degree for nursing. Last year, I was a part of Jagathon, KSA (Korean Student Association), and IKCA (Indianapolis Korean Christian Association). I am not a very talkative person but I love listening to people and helping others. I was a mentee and am hoping to be a great mentor to my mentees this year (: Go Team Black Panther!❤️

Why I became a mentor: As an international student, I have gone through many hardships that IPMP has helped me get through. Throughout this experience I built a longing to want to help international students like me and help them make themselves feel at home here in Indianapolis.

Favorite Spot on Campus: Ruth Lilly Medical Library because it is a great quiet place to study. Plus, it makes me feel smart studying with all the med school students.

Favorite Thing about IUPUI: IPMP!

Best Place to eat in Indy: Subzero-best ice cream place EVER + Milktooth- AH-mazing brunch place with unique menus!