Deirdre Kelley


School Year: Junior

Major(s): Civic Leadership 

Team: Black Panther

Languages: English, Ancient Greek

Hobbies: Reading, anything crafty, practical botany

Why I'm a Mentor: I became a mentor, honestly, because I love helping people have better lives. I thought I was too busy to take on another job but a friend convinced me otherwise, and I'm thankful! I'm also a MAC mentor and an Honors Peer Mentor, and my internship this summer has been a lot of mentoring, so I guess I just love mentoring!

Bio: I think I'm part sparrow because I can't ever get enough of music, nature or little beautiful things. I'm an over thinker and I don't take anything for granted, which makes my life kind of more awesome and also a bit more awful, depending on the day;). Saying no is not on my list of favorite things, so I tend to do everything... but I'm happiest when I'm busy so I suppose that's kind of good. I'm the kind of weirdo nerd who makes several 4-year customized degree plans complete with professor names and extra curricular involvement for different scenarios, and who will stare at a Harbinger of Spring flower for a creepily long time because I think it's awesome:)

Favorite IUPUI Spot: The Honors College basement, especially when I'm there so late that the lights all turn off;)

IUPUI's Best Kept Secret: It's a downtown campus so... guess what... internships galore are available within walking distance from campus!