Deirdre Kelley


School Year: Junior/Senior

Major(s): Civic Leadership with a minor in economics

Team: Black Panther

Languages: English with a little Ancient Greek and German

IUPUI Awards: Bepko Scholarship and Fellowship, Dean's List

Hobbies: Anything and everything crafty, artsy and in nature

Why did you become a mentor: I became a mentor because I LOVE international students (I feel more at home in most international groups than with Americans), because I want to help new international students have happier, easier lives in the US, and because I revel in learning about the beautiful differences and similarities in people, countries and cultures!

Bio: I'm Deirdre; the name means "devoted one", and I am devoted to my God, family, friends, responsibilities and mission. I'm a bit wild and I'm not afraid to be myself so I will always jump in the air to reach tall tree branches because I can, stare at flowers and bugs and learn their names, dance in public, nerd out about economics, ask deep questions, and open up about myself maybe a bit too soon. I'm interested in getting to know you and I won't pre-judge you because everyone has a story worth being heard. Isn't it awesome how everyone in our life is a book of mysteries just waiting to be known!

Favorite spot on the IUPUI campus: The Honors College basement lounge

Favorite thing about Indianapolis: Indianapolis is a COOL city to walk, bike and explore. I love the opportunities for internships and the beauty of the canal.