Alayna Hutchinson


School Year: Senior

Major(s): Community Health

Team: Poseidon

Country: USA

Languages: English, Some Proficiency in French

Awards you have received while at IUPUI: Student Leader in Housing Award, Evenbeck Scholarship Mentor of the Year Award, and the Division of Undergraduate Education Department Award.

Hobbies: Baking! :smile:, running, journaling, traveling

Why did you become a mentor: I became a mentor because I love helping other people in any way I can. Then, I continued to be a mentor because it has been one of my best experiences here at IUPUI. 

Bio: I was born in California, and raised in Missouri. I grew up with lots of cocker spaniels and mutts, with an awesome family, and with a series of road trips and travels in between. And, my favorite quote, and something I try to live by is, "Be your our kind of Beautiful." :smile: - And, then my second favorite quote just makes me smile when I say, "If you can't be right, be dramatic". laughing:

Best places to go in Indianapolis: Indy has a lot of hidden gems. It's true! As cliche as it may sound, I think Indy's green spaces aren't given the credit they deserve. I would suggest visiting Garfield Park and its Garden Conservatory and biking along the White River and Cultural to Monon Trails.

Best places to eat (I can't pick just one): Something I found rather surprising about Indy that there's some really good places to go eat. I'd recommend Chris' Ice Cream's for their Tacos, Mimi's Blue Meatballs, and the Garden Table's Brunch after the rush and their lunch/dinner in the evenings.