Deepali Balasubramani


School Year: Senior

Team: Strange

Major(s): Neuroscience

Languages: English & Hindi

IUPUI Awards: Dean’s Recognition Scholar, Honors College Scholar, International Global Scholar

Hobbies: Dancing, Listening to Music, Playing my Ukulele, Watching movies, Traveling and meeting new people.

Why did you become a mentor? During my first year at IUPUI, I got to meet a lot of other students from other countries as a resident of the International House and as an IPMP mentee. I learned a lot about their lives back home, the festivals they celebrated, their traditions and food. I learned about their stories, shared my story with them and realized that I loved doing this. I became a mentor to continue doing this and help other international students overcome challenges, develop a sense of belongingness and direct them to everything they require to have a successful first year at IUPUI!

Bio: I’m originally from India but I was born in Dubai and lived there for 18 years till I came to the US to study. I’m plan on getting involved with research as a career later on cause SCIENCE IS AWESOME. This is my second year as a mentor for IPMP and I love being a part of this wonderful program.

Favorite spot on campus: The Medical School Library

Best place to go in Indianapolis: Mass Ave! They have great restaurants and places to visit.